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Friday, August 07, 2020



Last update: 3/9/2020


Welcome to our new members:

October Leonardo Ndreu CADET
October Peekay  Schwab CADET
October Dylan Lee CADET
January Cole Morton CADET



Since the start of the new year, our squadron has started to grow into a better platform for ES, AE and Cadets programs. New cadets have been testing and promoting. Seniors have been moving forward in there professional development areas, learning new things and proactivily contributing to our squadron.

Some upcoming things are also on the  board to help out or cadets and seniors. Our IT Staff has been workingto update the site (as best as they can), and will be opening a staff slot for a cadet PIO to help keep our main pages up to date. Cadets can look for an application soon for that.  IT has also implemented an ONLINE sign up for cadet milestone testing, board request and drill testing. Havingthis online will help keep a better log of whena cadet last requested an item. The request forms are located on the member area of the website. Once a cadet or senior requests something (board, test, class, etc) it will be automatically emailed to the person in charge of that area. That staff person should get back to you in a resonable amount time.




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 Maj Dave Berro with promotee's:  
C/TSGT Mark Winkle, C/SRA Keith Warner
and C/AMN Paula Crossland
Our Color Guard did an Outstanding job at the 
“For the Troops Gala” at the Ronald Reagan Library!!
C/SSGT Mark Winkle, C/A1C Isaiah Chavez, Rep. Steve Knight,
C/A1C Ava Marie Chavez, C/TSGT Sasha Patibandla, and C/CMSGT Elka Barragan. 





What were are top 3 Articles for 2019?

1. Uniforms: 6,351 hits

2. Ranks & Insignia: 6,301 hits

3. FAQ: 5,186 hits



Have a Happy and SAFE Holiday!