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29 November 2021

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  • Super ILP II -- Jan 2022 -- Cadre Applications - Page 1 of 8 (Instructions)
    Good evening California Wing,

    BCS staff applications are due TOMMOROW at 2359. Don’t delay to apply, BCS is an exceptional way to make an impact on airmen! You will be the one showing the airmen what exciting things lie ahead in their cadet career. You will be responsible for several students and ensuring that you provide them with exceptional training throughout BCS.

    At this time the following positions are still open:
    Flight Sergeant
    First Sergeant
    Flight Commander

    To apply submit a resume, cover letter, and full-length blues photo to the link below.

    APPLY NOW - www.cawgcadets.org/silpcadre

    I look forward to reading all of your applications very soon! Please email me if you have any questions.


    C/1st Lt Preston Kwok
    SILP II BCS Cadet Commander

    Please make sure you read all instructions throughout this process VERY carefully. Failure to follow the appropriate instructions may invalidate your application. All positions are now open. Applications due dates: - Monday, 15 November 2021 2359 (Dep Commander Ops and Executive Officer) - Monday, 2...

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  • Home
    Good evening California Wing,

    This is the last and final call for SILP NCOS Staff. Applications are due in 1 day. Submit your cover letter, resume, and full-length blues photo by 29 November NLT 2359 to be considered for NCOS staff.

    APPLY NOW! - www.cawgcadets.org/silpcadre

    At this time, general NCOS Staff positions are still open. Descriptions for the positions are all on the first page of the application link above!
    Seminar Leaders
    Assistant Seminar Leaders
    NCOS provides a unique opportunity to apply your mentorship skills. It will be a balance of hands-on coaching and mentoring and hands-off letting NCOs. As NCOS seminar leaders and assistant seminar leaders, you will have the chance to apply your mentoring skills to building up California Wing's NCOs. I invite you to join this challenge of training up California Wing's next generation of NCOs.

    I am incredibly excited to review your applications! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out any time.


    C/Maj Ashley Lee
    SILP II NCOS Cadet Commander
    Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

    (M) 408.637.0568

    Welcome to the California Wing Cadet Programs website. This is designed to be an enhanced resource for our Cadet and Adult members. Please take time exploring the multitude of opportunities the California Wing program can offer our cadets; a few of which are Leadership, Aerospace, and Emergency Serv...

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  • Microsoft Forms
    Good Evening CAWG Friends,

    For ALL (cadets and seniors) interested in ES Ground Team Member (GTM) Training, please read below. All others, please disregard.


    ➡️ This event has received many comments over the years as being "one of the best CAP activities" that CAWG provides!

    FRIDAY, 19 November 2021 - SUNDAY, 21 November 2021
    RONALD CASPER's WILDERNESS PARK (in Group 7's backyard).
    33401 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
    RVs welcome.

    BONUS: There will also be Aerospace Education under the stars both Friday and Saturday evening along with the finale Amazing Race competition Saturday NIGHT exercising your new advanced skillset! Don't miss out on the fun! And the food is the best! ❤️

    ARRIVAL TIME: 1700-2000 on Friday, 19 November 2021
    DEPARTURE TIME: 1300 on Sunday, 21 November 2021
    COST: $60 per person (scholarships available, please email me directly) includes Friday night meals to Sunday lunch.
    PACKING LIST: will be provided after registration is complete (think tents)

    SENIOR and CADET STAFF NEEDED: Please send resume and cover letter to me directly by Oct 8, 2021. Positions include senior and cadet team leaders, senior and cadet mess staff, senior and cadet planning team members, and senior and cadet logistics team.

    Any cadet or senior member with a General Emergency Service (GES) qualification (see attachment for instruction on how to complete your GES qualification).

    Any cadet or senior interested in learning more skills in ground team for
    Fam and Prep for GTM 3
    Advanced Skills for GTM 3, 2, 1, or Leader
    Renewing your qualifications
    Additional trainee opportunities in IC, LO, PAO, GBD, CUL, MRO, MSA available
    Any cadet or senior who would like to gain a new perspective from the ground or mission base staff. If you have never experienced Mission Base Staff (such as mission staff assistant or mission radio operator) or if you are Aircrew and would like to better understand Ground Team, then register and we will welcome you!
    No matter what level of experience you have, we will place you on the team that is right for you based on your qualifications and make sure that EVERY MINUTE (from dawn to starry night) is designed to add new skills, value, and experience so that when you are called to respond to a LOST PERSON or DOWNED AIRCRAFT, you will know how to be a valued team player whether you are on the ground, in the air, or at mission base.




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  • Fullerton Composite Squadron 56
    Good evening California Wing,

    I am excited to announce that we are now accepting staff applications for Non-Commissioned Officer School South! We will be holding this event at Escondido Charter High School, just north of San Diego, on the weekend of 12-14 November 2021.

    NCOS is the third school in the California Wing Integrated Leadership Program, centered on instruction in tactical leadership skills commensurate with Phase II of the Cadet Program. This includes but is not limited to leadership in drill and ceremonies, public speaking, PT procedures, NCO responsibilities, instructional methods, and more. The ultimate goal is that students leave NCOS with a strong understanding of fundamental leadership skills that can be applied inside and out of CAP. A frequent saying is that "NCOs get the job done", and in order to ensure our next generation of cadet leaders are up to the task, we are looking for Cadet Officers and NCOs who are prepared to train them.

    At this time, we are opening applications for the following positions:
    Seminar Leader (5)
    Assistant Seminar Leader (5)
    Cadet Safety Officer
    Cadet Instructor (2) - Cadet Officer preferred, but not required
    Public Affairs Staff (2)
    General Support Staff (3) - Administration, Logistics, and Mess

    To apply, please send a recent resume and cover letter to C/Col Jesse James II () and 1st Lt Colin Rodriguez () demonstrating your CAP and other applicable experience. If you have served as cadre at a previous NCOS, DCS, or ADCS, please note that in your resume or email. Please also indicate your preferred position in your email but note that we may end up offering you a different position.

    Applications are due at 2359 on 13 October 2021, two weeks from today.

    Senior members, we are also requesting your support in making this NCOS successful! If interested, please contact 1st Lt Colin Rodriguez ().

    I am looking forward to reviewing all of your applications and selecting cadre with the potential to leave a profound imprint on the cadet leaders of the present and future.


    C/Col Jesse James II, CAP
    CAWG NCOS South 2021 Cadet Commander
    (C) 714.343.1749
    U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

    The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs serves the needs of all Civil Air Patrol Cadets. The cadet program is designed to provide youth ages 12-20 training in followership, leadership, aerospace education, communication, and emergency services. Cadets receive training in these areas at their weekly squa...

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