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Sunday, August 07, 2022

Do you have what it takes to join our unit? Can you commit to help volunteer, lead, follow and learn? Great, we want to talk to you!

Here is how it works.  We know you have an interest in CAP since you found this page and looking to join, so step one is done.

 There are a few things that need to happen now that you are here...

1. You must attend 3 meetings.

2. You must meet with a membership board on your 3rd meeting.

3a. Potential Cadets: We will give you the information to complete the online membership application, found HERE.

3b. Potential Seniors: We will also give you the information to join. However, your appplication is a bit more intrusive since we need a paper application found HERE and we will also process a fingerprint card to send out. Since we work with youth, its imperitive that backgrounds checks are completed.

4a. Cadets, once you and a parent/guardian fill out the online application and make the payment, your membership will be active apon the commander approving it.

4.b Seniors, your membershhip takes about a week to process and you should receive an email from national HR, or someone from the squadron will notify you of your membership. During this time you will not be allowed to be unsupervised with cadets until you clear the background check AND complete our Cadet Protection course.

From this point, its cadet staff or senior staff that will guide you in the right direction.

 Welcome to the Squadron!