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Wednesday, December 02, 2020


report, follow these procedures:

1. Stand at attention and knock (just once) on the door.

2. When instructed to enter, march in a smart military fashion to a point three paces in front of the desk (if they are sitting at a desk).

Tip: Normally, you don't salute unless you're reporting to a commissioned officer. Special conditions apply if an NCO. 

3. While holding the salute (if required), say, "Sir or ma'am (if required), Cadet (and rank) Jones reports, or (rank) Jones reports if a senior member "

If you were instructed to see your commander, you'd say, "Cadet Jones reports as ordered."

4. If you're told relax, at ease, or something to that effect, assume the position of parade rest.


5. When the conversation is finished, you'll be told, "Dismissed." That means the meeting is over, even if you have something else to say.

6. When dismissed, (if seated, stand up) snap to attention, salute (if required), and march in a smart military fashion out the door.

Once outside the door, you can relax, sit down, or whatever.