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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Happy New Year!

We have a great year planned ahead for our Squadron.

I can't begin to express how amazing it has been to watch each of you grow into your grade of responsibilities. This has been amazing to see so much more unit participation with Squadron, Group and Wing activities.

Last years Encampment, I was asked what Squadron are you with? I said "Simi Valley Squadron 1986" at this point I was given the response of "Where is that?"

This made me realize our Squadron needs to get back on the map with Group and Wing Activities. This past years CAWG Encampment we had six Cadets and two Senior members attend. Needless to state, they now remember who we are and will not forget!

Congratulations to C/AMN Avamarie Dieutto for attending the Utah Wing Winter Encampment, and her flight being "2018 Honor Flight"

Outstanding Job C/AMN Dieutto!

"Keep up the great work Cadets"

-Capt. Anita Berro