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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) models the US Air Force very closely since it is the officail auxiliary.  Since we do model the the USAF, it is important that we follow some general rules. These are in no way all the common mistakes that could be found. In our Squadron, we have noticed the following things:


1. Hands in pockets:   The USAF does not allow hands in pockets. Pockets are for holding items, not for your hands. If your hands are cold, wear gloves.

2. Over/under sized pants/blouse:  This is normally not an issue in the active Air Force, however, if you happen to grow either in height or otherwise, please obtain a new uniform. We have lots to choose from. Blouse tops should not be tight. Pants, when unbloused should be just end at the bottom of your foot. This gives enough material to properly blouse your pants.

3. Boot/Pant blousing:   The Air Force does not tuck their pants into there boots, so neither should we.

4. Socks:  If in dress blues, you should be wearing socks that extend past the ankle. Ankle socks are not approved.  In wearing boots, socks should be black/OD Green.  

5. Undergarments: Undergarments will be worn! This means undershirts with a V-Neck. A crew neck may be worn IF wearing blues with a tie and the shirt can not be seen.  For ABU's a TAN/SAND color crew neck is worn. Undershirt will be tucked into trousers. Undershirts will not have pockets or visible designs.

6. Gum Chewing: Members should not chew gum while in uniform!

Did we forget something you noticed? Let us know below.

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