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Saturday, September 18, 2021



Congratulations to our newest Mitchell cadet, C/2Lt E. Barragan!


Maryland Wing, joined with Virginia Wing, hosted 2 virtual TLC Intermediate Courses from 2-8 May, 2020. These 2 courses graduated 50 students from 5 regions and six wings. In these courses, 3 of our Squadron staff attended. Lt. Colonel Luce, Major Striker and Captain Berro.



I came across this story by a member of my old Squadron in Maryland, Maj., Marty Sacks. As I knew both members and flown with them, i can atest to Major Sacks professionalism, safety, and dedication. Please enjoy the story. ~Maj. Striker



Kudos to our color guard for an outstanding performance at the gala!


ARRIVAL OF THE COLORS—At left, Isaiah Chavaz, left, Ava Dieutto, Sasha Patibandla, Elka Barragan and Mark Winkle, members of the Simi Valley Civil Air Patrol Squadron 1986 Color Guard, post the colors during the eighth annual For The Troops Military Tribute Gala on Feb. 22 at the Reagan Library.  With over 500 in attendance, the event included dinner, music, live and silent auctions, a raffle and a tribute to Vietnam-era veterans. 



UOD: Blues

Classes: Opening Ceremonies/Drill, Inspections, ES Class (Intro & UDF),General Meeting & Promotions


12/31/19 // 1/1/20


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  From all of us at Sq1986. 



We are live as of 2040 Local time!


Its almost time to go live!  What has happened to far...

1. New security features

2. New forms for testing and promotions

3. Updated log in (this may not go live until we fix a small issue)

4. Newsletter updated

5. There is much more to add, however most of the items are back-end stuff to help the site run faster.


An email went out today announcing that the site should be going live in the next 72 hours...


Its Christmas!  No work was completed today =(


Its Christmas eve and while most everyone is out doing last minute shopping or spending time with families, we are busy with last minute updates to get the new site ready to go live.


As of today we are hard at work with getting everything ready for the new template design. New Security measures have been installed and we will start the process of link checks and updates once the new site is ready.



SQ1986 will be updating and renovating our website in the next few weeks. In preperation, we will re-direct all website traffic to an alternate site with minimal information soon.


NOW LIVE: SQ1986 has opened up it's support page.  If you need help with the sq. website, email, general help, feel free to submit a ticket. One of our IT staff will get back to you.  Also we have opened up the ability to edit your profile. Log in and scroll down to the member menu and look under PROFILES. You can view and/or edit.

COMING SOON: Our online request system will be active soon after approval has been granted.  This system will allow you to request milestone/drill testing, other training and exams such as squadron based courses as well as requesting your promotion board.   The system will be set up to email the assigned senior staff of the request.  Once the system is operational, it will help streamline the process and move things along faster and through the proper channels.  We are looking to have this approved and published by December, if not sooner.



No one found the easter egg hidden on the site! At the meeting Maj. Striker showed everyone where it was and how it was to be found.  Where was it. Most of the clues pointed to that it was in plain sight, as well as it being something with CAPs missions.  Thi BIG hint was put on the this page with ethe "search and rescue" note. This lead the clue to the Emergency Services mission on the CAP MISSIONS page.  It was the ES Dog photo. It had a message written inside the photo data.  Look up "steganography"  for an explanation.  


As of today the easter egg has yet to be found! Monday will be the last day to submit your responces to its location. Still need a hint... "Civil Air Patrol provides Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief,  and Humanitarian Services..."  Happy Hunting!

No one has found the Easter Egg yet!  Need some new hints or help? Members, sign in to view the Easter Egg page! 

Thank you, 1st Lt. Tom Bennett for this beautiful model you have donated. Also for the time you had constructed this amazing Challenger Space Shuttle. 


CAWG Conference 2019 General Session with Col Ross Veta



The easter egg is still live and so far its still hiding on the site.

Just a few more days befor its over. Make sure you checkout the Easter egg page for clues (yes that was a hint!)



The September 11 attacks (also referred to as 9/11) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaedavagainst the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The attacks killed 2,996 people, injured over 6,000 others, and caused at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage.



Easter egg page was updated to include a poll to prizes. Please log in to vote.  Also, another hint was posted. See if you can find it!


Get ready for a new easter egg on the site. It will be ready to go by Monday 9/2/19.  This will be a hard one as compared to others.  


Added full attendance records for 2019 to the attendance page

Dont forget to sign up for cyberpatriot. Seniors and parents can help out also.


Member Birthday page active and updated. Page should populate when new information is entered.

Created a General ES & Forms menu on the Member Menu.

Cyberpatriot links added to aid in training are also in the Member Menu.

Launch Pad newsletter updated.

Squadron Birthdays coming soon.

SQ1986 cyberpatriot team is looking for a few good cyber security members (cadets participate, Seniors/parents can mentor)

Since we have been encountering a few quakes here in Southern CA, Here are some safety tips:



From all the staff at SQ1986...


SQ1986 CYBERPATRIOT XII  now accepting sign ups. Log in to sign up. 

June 14, 2019

Here's why we celebrate Flag Day on June 14:

The “Stars and Stripes” was authorized by Congress on June 14, 1777, according to the National Flag Day Foundation.

In the fifth item on the agenda that day. The entry in the journal of the Continental Congress reads “Resolved that the flag of the thirteen United States be Thirteen stripes alternate red and white: that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”

A Wisconsin school teacher is one of the people credited with championing the celebration of the flag.

In 1885, Bernard John Cigrand, a 19-year-old teacher in a one-room Waubeka, Wisconsin, placed a 10-inch 38-star flag in an inkwell and had his students write essays on what the flag meant to them.

Official adoption


He called June 14th the flag’s birthday. Stony Hill School is now a historical site. 

President Woodrow Wilson issued the Flad Day proclamation on May 30, 1916.

President Harry Truman later signed Flag Day's permanent observance into law in 1949. 


Here's how to properly display your flag:

The flag isn’t a costume: Thinking about doing a DIY outfit to show your patriotism? According to U.S. flag code, no part of the flag should be used as sportswear or costume. Instead, opt for a patch or a lapel flag pin, which should be worn over your heart.

Keep it lit: Flags should be displayed from sunrise to sunset on buildings and flagpoles. If you’re feeling extra patriotic, you can fly the flag 24-hours a day if the flag is properly illuminated. According to the American Legion, proper lighting means the flag is illuminated so it is easily recognizable by others.

Please select a link to the left (or above) to view the associated content.  Members, please make sure you log in to view additional content.

On January 28th, 1986, the NASA shuttle orbiter mission STS-51-L and the tenth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, taking the lives of all seven crew memebers, which consisted of four NASA astronauts and two payload specialists and one school teacher. Today marks the 33rd Anniversary of the this tragedy, as we remember Capt. Michael J. Smith,  Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik and Ellison Onizuka.

 Challenger flight 51 l crew     Challenger flight 51 l mission patch



All the Cadets and Senior Members Of Squadron 1986, would like to offer our heart felt condolences to our Deputy Commander for Cadets, Maj. Mary Savage for the loss of her father.

Please know we are all here offering strength and encouragement to you and your family.


Col Morrison
 Airmen of the Pacific Region

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I report the passing of our friend, colleague and Region Vice Commander, Colonel Carleton Morrison. Col Morrison died late Friday evening at the controls of his personal aircraft outside of Petaluma, California. Col Morrison began serving CAP in 2006 when he joined Fallbrook Senior Squadron 87 in the California Wing and was soon recruited onto the wing staff as a legal officer and legislative affairs officer. There he was instrumental in helping to pass landmark employment protection legislation to protect CAP members called out to perform our missions. In 2016, Col Morrison joined the Pacific Region staff as one of our two vice commanders, handing strategic planning, recruitment and retention and new missions. Prior to joining CAP, Col Morrison served our country as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and retired after 20 years of honorable service. Col Morrison was a proud Vietnam veteran.

Col Morrison was the type of Airman that we should all aspire to be; dedicated, compassionate and always forward looking. He will be missed every day. Please keep his wife Mary, his children and grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks to come. As information becomes available about services, I will pass it along.

Col Jon Stokes, CAP
Pacific Region Commander


Cadets with Rocketry STEM kit


xmas 2017


C/CMSgt Austin Penchoen-lind received his Mitchel Award tonight.  Now as a cadet officer, C/2Lt. Penchoen-lind is eligible to enter the US Military at an advanced rank. C/2Lt. Penchoen-lind will be entering the US Marine Corps next month as a Private First Class (PFC).

Penchoen1 PenchoenMitchell1


Our cadets were honored to be invited to the 2017 Western Region FIDF Gala, at the Beverly Hills Hilton. They were asked to present the colors for this event. The last few years a few of our Senior members are honored for their Military Service, which includes Honoring the Israeli Defense Forces. Our cadets performance was amazing!




Attention, all CAP members in AKWG, CAWG, ORWG and WGWG:

Beginning on January 22, 2018, Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington will be on travel restrictions due to the REAL ID Act of 2005. As a result, the drivers licenses in these states will no longer be accepted for airline travel and people in these states will need either a passport or a passport card to board a flight. This could affect CAP members traveling to the 2018 Legislative Day/Winter Command Council meeting March 1-3 in Washington, D.C., and/or any other CAP travel after Jan. 22 of next year. 

Please consider that there will be an expected rush on getting passports/passport cards in these noncompliant states, so everyone is encouraged to apply for a passport/passport card today.



A wet rocket launch by C/CMSgt Pedersen:



QCA 2017

Congratulations to these units!!!
These 11 CAWG units have earned the 2016/2017 Quality Cadet Unit Award with their vibrant and diverse Cadet Programs.



REMINDER: No meeting is scheduled!


Updated Squadron calender - Will work on permissions for users to add/edit in the near future.


Safety briefing tonight! All members need to remain Safety current. You can contact Maj Berro to get a copy of the outline to read over and reply back as "read" or feel free to take the online safety quiz in e-services.

** Camarillo Airshow 8/19 & 20. Report time for ride at Sq is 0500. Report time to Camarillo is 0600. Contact Maj. Savage for other details.